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FSA Annual Report 2017

FSA Annual Report 2017
In spite of the lower than anticipated timber volumes recorded in 2017, there were many significant highlights for FSA and for the Industry in 2017. Firstly, in the political arena, FSA participated actively in the national calls for political intervention to halt the further decline of the country into economic, social and political chaos, through the wholesale capture of the State. This had characterised the administration of the country for the last nine years and our previous Chairperson re-iterated FSA's calls for clean administration and a commitment to service delivery in her closing remarks during our 2017 AGM.

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FSA Annual Report 2016

15th Annual Report 2017
Our Industry is often the envy of other sectors who find it far more difficult, perhaps due to their market activities, to collaborate on matters of common interest. Having FSA representing most timber growers across the scale, race and management objectives spectra of the South African Forestry Industry, is a massive advantage to the Industry. FSA is seen by Government, other sectors, the media, investors and other interested and affected parties, as the single focal point for the Industry. Such collaboration continues to reduce the costs and risks of doing business in South Africa in so many areas of the Industry's businesses and examples of this are found throughout this Annual Report.

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FSA Annual Report 2015

FSA Annual Report 2015
The positive growth trend in timber volumes, which had started in 2014 and was helped greatly by the weaker Rand, continued for the first three quarters in 2015. Unfortunately, in the last quarter of the year, the impact of the severe drought was felt, when timber volumes slumped to 10% below the expected volume for that period. As a result, where we were projecting a healthy budget surplus for the year, volumes ended up just 0.7% higher year on year and income was 0.6% below budget. While this was not a good end to an otherwise good year from the perspective of timber volumes, it was at least encouraging to note that it was not a consequence of depressed demand and we hope that with improved late summer rainfall, we will see a recovery in timber volumes in 2016.

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FSA Annual Report 2014

FSA Annual Report 2014
In writing the foreword of last year's Annual Report, our then Chairperson alluded to a more positive outlook than what our Industry had been used to for the previous five years. This sentiment appears to have been correct when one looks at the various statistics which give us an indication of the state of our Forestry Industry. Roundwood volumes increased by 9% compared to 2013 across all products with improved sales being experienced by both our pulpwood and sawmilling members. This, coupled with a weakening Rand, brought much needed foreign exchange to our exporters and our country.

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FSA Annual Report 2013

FSA Annual Report 2013
When the global financial crisis started in 2008, some analysts predicted that it would take three to five years before there were any signs of recovery in the world's major markets and that the recovery would be very slow when it started. This has certainly been the case for the Forestry Industry and after a gruelling five years, we started to see some early encouraging signs in the market at the close of 2013.

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FSA Annual Report 2012

This past year has been another very challenging one for the Forestry Industry and for our Association too. Timber volumes declined once again year on year and while almost half a million tons or 3.2% down on 2011, they were 5.5% down on the budgeted amount to fund the Association and its implementation partners. This placed further pressure on the already precarious financial position of the Association. Added to these funding challenges, our Business Development Director, Steven Ngubane, left the Association after 10 years although, fortunately, he is still within the forestry arena.

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FSA Annual Report 2011

FSA Annual Report 2011
2011 saw Forestry South Africa celebrate its tenth year and I would have to say, another successful one. While the global economy battled on, the South African Forestry Sector was under continued pressure to adapt itself to challenges of different natures faced on a daily basis. The cost of doing business continues to affect the sustainability of our forestry operations, not only with the many tariffs imposed on the Sector increasing with scant regard for inflationary indices, particularly those imposed on the goods and services provided by state-owned enterprises. These are cause for great concern as they hamper the ability of business to remain competitive in both local and international markets.

FSA Annual Report 2010

After two consecutive years of cutting costs, we are pleased to note some relief for the Sector in the increased timber volumes sold last year. This must, however, be put in the context of the continued strength of the Rand and the slow increase in prices. These have both contributed to margin squeeze which has meant that the pressure on the Sector to continue to tightly manage costs has not diminished.

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FSA Annual Report 2009

As we anticipated, 2009 was a very challenging year with almost everyone in our industry seeing significant declines in volume domestically and abroad and all of us having to manage costs constantly. For many this remains the case and we are more than 18 months past the start of the global financial crisis which was inevitably going to be more than just a single bad year for economies.

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FSA Annual Report 2008

It has been a year full of challenges for the Forestry Industry, including issues relating to land claims, fires, pests and diseases, and now the global recession. I am very pleased to say that our Association has not only remained abreast of these challenges, but in many instances has been at the forefront of mapping the road ahead. This has been possible because of the excellent relationships within our Industry body which allows for robust and constructive debate, the support of our research partners, and the dedicated staff of FSA. In addition we have strengthened our relationship with Government, who are often at the forefront of significant shifts in the business landscape.

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FSA Annual Report 2007

2007 was another year filled with events, many positive and many not so positive. On the positive side were the development of the Forest Sector Transformation Charter, the declaration of the Forest Sector as a sector earmarked for development and growth under the Government’s newly released Industrial Policy Framework and Action Strategy, and, at least for timber growers, price increases for roundwood that will help to maintain profitability.

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FSA Annual Report 2006

A voluntary Association such as Forestry South Africa succeeds or fails by the willingness of its members to support and participate in its activities. It also succeeds or fails in terms of the benefits and worth that members receive from its endeavours.

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FSA Annual Report 2005

2004 has been a year of wide-ranging activity on many issues for FSA, of important progress and achievement and of some frustration where objectives could not be achieved.

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